About Harestree

If I were to tell a stranger about Harestree, I would want them to know that these wood rings for weddings and engagements are simply the best in the world. That is what Harestree Wooden Rings is about. Harestree is a small, one man operation run by myself, Richard Connor. Harestree started in November of 2012, however I had been making wood rings for quite a while before that. It was then that I started to sell the rings that I had been making on Etsy.

In fact, my wood rings are available on Etsy if you would like to take a look there.

I found that demand for my wood rings quickly grew, and very quickly I was selling my rings all over the world. Although now most of my customers are in the USA, I still sell to every continent.

Excellent Wood Rings

Quality and excellence are fundamentally important to what I do. A wooden engagement ring or a wooden wedding ring should be crafted with love. It should represent the pinnacle of a jewelry makers craft, just as a gold ring would. That’s what you’re going to find here – just the best wooden engagement and wooden wedding rings available today.


I source only the best woods. All my materials are carefully selected and graded hardwoods and softwoods. Nearly all of my wood comes from the UK. I use reputable suppliers, and because imports of wood into the UK are carefully monitored, I can guarantee that your wood ring will be ecologically sound and responsibly sourced from managed stock. Harestree is the ideal choice because you want to know that your wood ring was ethically made.